What is Teacher Attendance Tracking?

How does teacher attendance tracking work?

In order to be marked as having attended your class, you must be on the lesson page during the first 10 minutes of your scheduled lesson.

If you are not on the lesson page during first 10 minutes of the scheduled class, you will be marked as absent and this will be factored into your attendance metric.

Note, that it's not necessary to join your Verbling lesson if you can't connect to your student on Verbling, but it's important to have it open. The same goes for back to back lessons - you can leave the second lesson's page open in another tab of your browser.  

What if I had an emergency or good reason for not being on the lesson page during the first 10 minutes?

If you had one-time an emergency that prevented you from starting your lesson, or any other valid reason, you’ll be able to contest the absent mark here. If the reason for the absence is valid, we’ll be able to remove it from your record.

For now, your attendance metric is only visible to you and to Verbling, and is not student-facing.

However, we are beginning to collect this information now because we’d like to factor it into the teacher rating system in the future. Teachers will be notified before this metric becomes visible to students.

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