How do I redeem a Verbling gift card?

Congratulations, your friend gave you a Verbling gift card!

To redeem your Verbling gift card:

1) Create or sign into your Verbling account 

2) Go to or navigate to "Redeem a gift" in the drop-down menu.

3) Paste your gift card redemption code into the box labeled "Code" and click "Redeem".

NOTE: You should have received this code in the email you received notifying you of your gift card. If you are unable to find your gift card code, your friend can resend the code to you from their settings page here: 

Verbling credit will be automatically added to your account, which you can use to purchase foreign language lessons.

Happy learning!

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    Your link to create a verbling account from the help section above is broken.  My issue is I purchased a gift card for myself to set aside money because my company will fund my lessons on a monthly basis.  When it arrived in my inbox, there was no code for redeeming it.  Ultimately, I would just like to put money in an account and have it set there until I use it.  Can this happen?

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    Edited by Jeff-TV
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    Oh no! Can you email and we can help you find your gift card code and get you all set up to learn on Verbling?