How do I use my Verbling credits?

Whether you have purchased or received a refund in Verbling credits, Verbling credits are immediately available for you to use to purchase lessons with a teacher of your choice. 

Verbling credits are applied automatically to your total the next time you book a lesson or lessons.

1) At the time of booking, you will see a green notification ("Good news, you have Verbling credit!") showing how many Verbling credits are currently available to be applied completely, or in part, to your purchase.

2) If the amount of Verbling credit completely covers the amount of your purchase:

  • Click "Confirm" to make your purchase

If the amount of Verbling credit does not completely cover the amount of your purchase:

  • Add your credit card information and click "Complete Secure Checkout", or
  • Click "Pay with PayPal"

3) Your purchase is complete and you have successfully used your Verbling credits to purchase lessons on Verbling.

You can see your remaining balance listed on the top right corner of your Verbling navigation bar, under your name. 


*NOTE: All Verbling Credits are valid for one year from the date they are issued.

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