How do I block or report a student?

To block or report a student for wrongdoing, please do the following:

1) Go to your Verbling Messages.

2) Open the message history with the student you wish to block and/or report.

3) Hover over their profile picture at the top of your messages with them.

4) Click "Report / Block".

5) Select the reason(s) why you are reporting the student under "This person is:". You may include written details about what happened under "Details".

If you simply wish to report a student, but don't wish to prevent him or her from messaging or booking lessons with you, you may now skip to Step 8 below.

6) If you would like to take things a step further and block a student, click the checkbox next to "Block this user". If you are satisfied and don't wish to ban the user permanently from Verbling, you may now skip to Step 8 below.

7) In extreme cases, you may ban a user. To ban a user from all Verbling functionality should he or she egregiously violate Verbling policies or your personal safety, click the checkbox highlighted in red.

8) Click "Report". And that's it!

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