On Google Hangouts, I can see others but they can't see me. How do I fix this?

If your video isn't working in Google Hangouts, and you can see others (your teacher, other students) but they cannot see you, please follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1) Double check that Skype or another video chat application is not running on your or your teacher's computer.

Skype and other video chat applications sometimes steal video from Google Hangouts. If Skype or other video chat applications are running, please sign out.

If the problem persists:

1) In Google Hangouts, click on the  icon.

2) Click on the drop down menu associated with the camera icon.

3) Test each of your cameras by clicking on one, clicking "Save", and asking your teacher if they can see you clearly. Continue testing each microphone until your teacher can see you successfully.

NOTE: If you test each camera in step 3 but your teacher still cannot see you, or your computer only has one camera, please contact Verbling Support.

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