What are Verbling Flashcards?

Save all your new vocabulary and review those words later using Verbling Flashcards.
Verbling Flashcards incorporates spaced repetition by doing the following:
  • When a word is easy for you to remember, you will see the flashcard again less often.
  • When a word is difficult for you to remember, you will see the flashcard more often.
  • When you do not know a word or it was very difficult for you to remember, you will see the flashcard very often.
By using this system, you will learn words faster by spending more time on what you don't know, and less time on what you do know. As you review your words more frequently, the words that are constantly easier to remember will be shown to you less and less often.

To use Verbling Flashcards, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Click on "Flashcards".

3) The language you are learning is automatically inputted. If you are learning more than one language, or if you would like to change your input language, please do the following:

a) Click on the language abbreviation.

b) Input a new language by clicking on the down arrow icon.


c) Select your preferred language.

d) To save your language, click "Done".

4) Enter a word and definition by typing into the text boxes.

5) To save a word, either click your enter/return key, or click the  button.

Alternatively, your teacher may send you a word. If your teacher sends you a word, you will receive a notification in your messages and your word will be automatically added to your list of words in "My Words".

6) To review your words, click Review Words..

7) Each word will be added to a flashcard in an interactive game. Click "Start" to begin reviewing your words.

8) When you see a word, identify its definition.


9) To flip the card and see its definition, do one of the following:

  • Click your mouse on the card
  • Press the spacebar on your keyboard
  • Click the  icon

10) Identify how difficult you found the word and how often you would like to review the word in the future by clicking on red (very difficult, review often), orange (difficult, review soon), or green (easy, review rarely).



11) When you have reviewed all of your words for today, see your progress.

12) Click "Done".

13) Check your progress with the progress bar and see how well you know your words.

14) Sort your words by those which need review using the  button.

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  • Avatar

    Is there a way to export my word list, so I can use it with my own SRS software? (Anki, Quizlet, etc.)

  • Avatar

    Hi Tom, that's a great idea. Unfortunately, we do not currently have that functionality. But if you reach out to Support, we can pull your vocabulary for you from our online database and send it to you for inclusion in your own SRS software!

  • Avatar

    Thanks I'll try that! Thought I might be able to scrape it myself, but the HTML is a bit too dynamic for that to be easy. Can't even copy and paste the table.

    Hope you guys consider this new feature request! I am enjoying verbling though!

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to review flashcards with students during the lesson, in the same way they could review them outside of the lesson?

  • Avatar

    @Tom I wrote a script that I'm happy to share. Shoot me a message.

  • Avatar

    I'm Spanish and I'm learning English with Verbling. I have a question about flashcards: I usually write a word in English and its translation to Spanish; when I want to review, it shows me the word in English (so I must guess its translation to Spanish). Is it possible to show me the translation in Spanish (so I would guess the word in English)?
    I think it would be really useful to learn new words quickly.