Can I transfer my purchased lessons from one teacher to a new teacher?

If you no longer wish to learn from a particular teacher, but you have purchased lessons with that teacher that are either scheduled or unscheduled in your dashboard, you can absolutely cancel those lessons for an automatic refund in Verbling credits. You can then apply those Verbling credits to purchase new lessons with another teacher of your choice.

NOTE: If your scheduled lesson is scheduled for less than 12 hours in the future, you will be refunded credit worth 50% of the lesson's cost. If your scheduled lesson is scheduled for more than 12 hours in the future, you will be refunded credit worth 100% of the lesson's cost. 


To transfer your lessons with one teacher to a different teacher:

1) First, cancel your lessons.

2) You will be refunded in Verbling credits to your account. You can view your Verbling credit balance and transactions at any time from your Settings Page

3) Now that you have been refunded in Verbling credit for your lessons, you may purchase lessons with another teacher using your Verbling credit.



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    Hello, I bought a package of lessons in Spanish from Fernando, but he's told me that he can no longer teach. I still have several lessons with Fernando and I'd like to apply the credits to lessons from another tutor. Thanks. David Leinweber