How do I join my first lesson?

Welcome to Verbling! Before your first lesson, please be sure you download the Google Chrome browser if you don't already have it on your computer. Verbling Video is optimized for and works best with the Google Chrome browser. 

When your lesson is about to begin, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Click on your lesson that is about to begin. You will be brought to your lesson's session page. 

3) When it is time for your lesson, your teacher will start the lesson. When your teacher starts the lesson you will see the "Join Lesson" button appear. Click the "Join Lesson" button.


Additionally, within your messages, you will see a notification like so:

4) To join the lesson from your messages, click "JOIN NOW". And you will be brought to the session page.

5) To join your lesson from your session page, click the blue "Join lesson" button.


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