My teacher was unable to start or join my lesson. What should I do?

Occasionally, there might be an issue that prevents your teacher from being able to start or join your lesson, or your teacher might be absent. To notify your Verbling teacher of the issue, the first thing you should do is file a support request to the Verbling Support team here. You should then report an issue with your lesson so that your tutor can help resolve it.

- If you report an issue with your lesson, but do not file a support request, then the Verbling Support team will be unaware of any issue that happened until a support request is filed. Our team is never notified of issue reports until a teacher or student reaches out to our team directly.

- If you report an issue with your Verbling lesson and your teacher does not resolve it within 2 business days, please reach out to our team so we are able to resolve your issue report for you!


If you would like to report an issue with your lesson, please do the following:

NOTE: Your tutor may be running late for various reasons, please give your teacher a few minutes to start your Verbling lesson before reporting an issue.

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Find the lesson you'd like to report.

If your lesson has gone incomplete in your dashboard or you are unable to find your lesson, you may filter your dashboard and search for your teacher's name. Once you locate your lesson, click on the lesson to go to your session page.

3) On your session page, locate the Actions list. Under Actions, click Report Issue.

5) In the pop-up screen, select the relevant issue with your lesson, or select “Other” if your issue is not listed.

6) Include any comments explaining the situation for your teacher. These comments will be communicated to your teacher.

7) Click Report

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    This is a really very good site for improving language. When I spoke to someone with good qualityi got surprised!!


    But I have an issue here!

    I can listen to anyone while chatting but noone can listen to me at all.

    I dont know why... my settings are right..

    Please advise me.

    I would really appreciate your advise.

    I await your response.

    Bipin Yadav
    New Delhi India

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    Hi Bipin, if you send a support ticket to, we would be happy to help you!

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    I was on-time for my lesson, but my computer would not connect to the session after the install. I had installed hangouts the previous night in preparation for my lesson and it works fine via my gmail page but would not complete the connection when the new tab opened to "join" my lesson. I want to use your service,but I don't know how to correct this. Is there a way I can test this function via verbling before purchasing classes I will not be able to access?
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    Hi Adrienne, so sorry that happened to you! Can you message us at We would be happy to help you!
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    Let me ask one thing.
    Currently, I have only company laptop, which means downloading google Chrome is prohibited. Can I use my smartphone or iPad mini for lessons in Verbling?