I am a new teacher. How does Verbling work?

How does Verbling work?

 A brief introductory guide.

Student buys lessons Students can easily buy lessons on your teacher profile page. They have the option to buy 1 lesson, 5 lessons, 10 lessons or a 30-minute trial lesson (if you decide to offer them). 


Personal messaging Students have the ability to send you personal messages before or after booking their first lesson with you. This can be useful to determine the student's level of proficiency and style of learning, as well as help you to prepare relevant materials for them.


Start your lesson At the scheduled time, easily start your lesson with the click of a button. Once your session is live, your student will be able to join and your lesson can begin.


Teach your lesson All lessons take place on the Verbling platform or through Google Hangouts.


$ You get paid Shortly after your lesson is completed, you will get paid. Verbling receives a 15% commision, so you will earn 85% of whatever rate you charge. Payments are unlocked every Sunday, and can be cashed out at any time. All earnings are visible on your payments page.  


I am ready to teach! Now what?


Before your first lesson, please familiarize yourself with how to start a lesson.


NOTE: You will not be paid if you do not follow these steps to lead a lesson. If you lead the lesson on Skype or another website or platform, you will not be paid for your lesson.

NOTE: For more information on what to do when a student misses a lesson, please go here. For more information on what to do if you miss your lesson, please go here. For all other troubleshooting issues, please go here

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