I am a new teacher. How do I start a lesson?

Verbling lessons are conducted using Verbling Video, our integrated video chat technology. For a more comprehensive video on starting a lesson on Verbling, please see this video.

To start your lesson, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Click on the lesson about to begin.

3) Click "Start Lesson".


4) Click "Join Lesson".

6) Clicking "Join Lesson" will issue you a pop up notification, asking you to set up your video chat technology. Double check that your audio and webcam are detected. If they are not, use the drop down menus to locate alternative webcams or microphones until you locate ones which pick up your audio and video.

7) Click "Join Lesson".

8) Wait for your student to join.


NOTE: You will not be paid if you do not follow these steps to lead a lesson. If you lead the lesson on Skype or another website or platform, you will not be paid for your lesson. Likewise, you will not be paid if you report an issue with the lesson and resolve the issue to unscheduled, returning the lesson to the student to retake in the future; or paid in full if you resolve the issue to 50 or 100% refund issued.

NOTE: For more information on what to do when a student misses a lesson, please go here. For more information on what to do if you miss your lesson, please go here. For all other troubleshooting issues, please go here

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