How do I rate a completed lesson?

To rate a completed lesson, please do the following:

1. Click on your completed lesson from your Dashboard.

2. On the session page, click "Rate Lesson" and complete the form.

3. Add any comments about your experience with your teacher. Your comments will also be visible on your teacher’s profile page.

4. Click “Submit”.

Please, note that you can rate only a full lesson, trial lessons will not have a "Rate Lesson" button

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    Curious question: Can students make comments and ratings (after the session is complete) later in that same week? E.g; such as returning to complete the remarks/comments/ratings 3 days later. Or, are students bound to make the comments and ratings there and then, straight after the completed session? Meaning if they don't leave anything, the opportunity is lost.

    Looking for a reply. Thank you.

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    Pepe Cabello


    Hello, for your help, I have read an article about Verbling where they explain it very well. I hope I can help you.