How do I report an issue with my lesson (Student)?

NOTE: You can only report and resolve an issue with your lesson after the full duration of the lesson has passed. If it is still during the original lesson's duration, please wait until after the lesson to report an issue.

Occasionally, there might be an issue with your lesson that prevents it from occurring properly. Such issues include missing or being late to your lesson, or having to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances; your teacher may miss or be late to your lesson, or have to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, technical difficulties might impede your lesson from proceeding as expected.

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Find the lesson you'd like to report (you may filter your search according to the status of the lesson). Once you locate it, click on the lesson to go to your session page.

3) On your session page, locate "Actions". Under "Actions", click "Report Issue".

5) In the pop-up screen, select the relevant issue with your lesson, or select “Other” if your issue is not listed.

6) You may also include comments about the situation. These comments will be communicated to your teacher.

7) Click “Report”.

NOTE: Your teacher will receive your report. Please give your teacher 48 hours to resolve the issue before contacting Verbling support.

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    Ok - I have done so. Will come back to you if not resolved satisfactorily.

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    I could not connect to my first lesson even though I was using Google chrome browser. Can you help.