How do I create a Verbling Course?

Courses are groups of 5 or 10 lessons your students can purchase with you, centered around one theme (such as "How to ace the TOEFL" or "Cuisine of Mexico"). Courses use pre-prepared lesson plans, saving you time and effort as you can reuse your materials over and over again.

Students can see in advance your areas of expertise and what you want and like to teach. Students can commit upfront to an ongoing 5 or 10 lesson course with you, leading to increased retention.

NOTE: To create a course, you must have 5 or more lesson plans saved as lesson templates. For help creating lesson plans, please go here.

To create a course, please do the following:

1) In the drop down menu, navigate to "Teacher Admin".

2) Under "Tools", click "Courses".

3) Click "Create Course".

4) Add a picture to each lesson in the course, which will be shown in the student's dashboard, by clicking on the picture icon.

You can use our resource library to find a picture, either by browsing the available pictures or by searching with tags.

5) Title your course.

7) Add a thoughtful description for your course, detailing what your student will learn.

8) Add a category to your course to help students find the course they need faster and more efficiently.

9) Add tags to your course so students quickly know what is to be covered during each lesson.

 10) Under "Lessons," click "+ Add Lesson" for each lesson in your course.

11) In the pop-up screen, choose a lesson from your existing lesson plans.

12) Your selected lesson will now be part of your course. Continue to add lessons to your course by repeating steps 9) and 10).

13) To save your course, click "Save".

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