How do I create a lesson plan?

Organize your materials all in one place with lesson plans. Lesson plans are a way to put deep thought into your lesson structure and materials once and only once, using those lesson plans again and again for all your different students with similar language learning needs.

To apply a lesson plan to any scheduled or unscheduled lesson, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Next to your scheduled or unscheduled lesson, click on the button that says “Add Plan”.

3) Click "Attach Lesson Plan".

4) Next, your saved lesson plans will load, if you have any. To create a brand new lesson, click "Create Lesson Plan".

5) On the "Create Lesson Plan" screen, you can create a Title, add Content Description, Tags, and Image. You may specify Difficulty level and attach any Resources you plan to use.


10) When you've finished, click "Create Lesson Plan" on the bottom right corner of the page to finalize your lesson.


Your lesson plan will now appear on the lesson on both your and the student's dashboards. 

NOTE: Once you have 5 or more lesson plans saved as templates, apply those lessons to a course. Courses are groups of 5 or 10 lessons your students can purchase with you, centered around one theme (such as "How to ace the TOEFL" or "Cuisine of Mexico"). To create a course, go here.


To view all your lesson plans, go here.



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