I am a new student. How do I get started?

Welcome to Verbling! Verbling is a community of foreign language lovers, where you can take private lessons with qualified, native speaking teachers in over 20 languages. 

To get started with lessons, please do the following:

1) Set up your technology. For the best Verbling experience, we recommend you download the Google Chrome browser

To share your screen using Verbling Video, you must download an extension only accessible using the Google Chrome browser. You do not need the extension or the Google Chrome browser to view a screen your teacher shares with you.

We also highly recommend that students use a computer with a microphone and webcam for the best learning experience. Headphones are also recommended.

2) Purchase 1, 5, or 10 lessons with a teacher. For instructions on how to purchase a lesson, please go here

3) Immediately after purchasing your lessons, the screen below will appear. You'll have the ability to schedule your lessons immediately by clicking the blue "Schedule" button on the right.

Once you've clicked "Schedule", you may skip to Step 5 of these instructions. If you prefer to schedule your lessons later, continue on to Step 4 of these instructions.

4) Alternatively, if you prefer to schedule your lessons later, you may do so from your Dashboard. On your Dashboard, you'll see the lessons you've purchased listed as "UNSCHEDULED". Click the "Schedule" button on the right.

5) After clicking "Schedule", a pop-up calendar will appear. Select your desired lesson time from the teacher's available hours, shown in green.

6) You are all set for your lesson!


When your lesson is about to begin, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Click on your lesson that is about to begin. You will be brought to your lesson's session page.

3) When your teacher starts the lesson, click the blue "Join Lesson" button.

4) Set up your webcam and microphone. If your video and audio are not detected, use the drop down menus to locate alternative webcams and microphones. Test each one before you located the webcam and microphone which detect your video and audio.

5) Click "Join Lesson".



NOTE: If you experience any difficulty with your lesson (you or your teacher experience technical difficulties, you arrive late, your teacher is absent, etc.), report the issue by following the instructions here

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