How do I purchase lessons?

Welcome to Verbling! Private lessons are one of the fastest ways to reach fluency, using qualified, native speaking teachers in personalized lessons and tailored instruction.

NOTE: If you have a coupon you wish to use to purchase a 60 minute private lesson, follow the instructions here.

To purchase a lesson, please do the following:

1) From the Find a Teacher page, review and select the teacher that best fits your learning goals, then click "Book Lesson" from their photo card.

2) Click on the number of sessions you wish to purchase.

3. If you have a coupon, you may add a coupon by clicking "Add coupon".

4. Confirm your registration by clicking "Confirm".

5. The screen below will appear after you click "Confirm." If you are ready to book now, you may click the blue "Schedule" button to select the date and time of your lessons.


Alternatively, if you aren't ready to schedule your lessons right now, you may schedule them later from your dashboard.

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