My student reported an issue. How do I resolve it?

Students may report an issue with their lesson for myriad reasons: a technical difficulty, they missed a lesson, you missed a lesson, etc. 

Verbling Support will not automatically resolve reported issues; it is the teacher's responsibility to resolve a reported issue. 

Verbling Support will only resolve issues in extreme cases when a student and teacher need help resolving a dispute about a lesson.

If your student reported an issue, you will see it on the lesson in your Dashboard, and you will receive a message about it.

1) Click on the lesson in question.

2) In the pop-up screen, you will see comments from your student. Select your desired resolution and add comments. Solutions vary, depending on the issue reported. Please write your own comments on the issue, and click "Resolve".

NOTE: If you issue your student any refund, the cost of this refund will be taken from your pay for this lesson. If you reset the lesson, your student will be able to reschedule the lesson and take it again. You will not receive payment for your original lesson.



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