What should I do if my student missed our lesson?

Most students, if they know they cannot attend the lesson, will unschedule (which is possible more than 12 hours in advance of a lesson's start time) or cancel (receiving a 100% refund more than 12 hours in advance of a lesson's start time or a 50% refund within 12 hours of the lesson's start time). 

Occasionally, however, students may miss lessons due to unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, technical difficulties, or other issues that arise. We advise waiting for at least half of your lesson to make sure that your student is not simply running late.

If your student missed your lesson, the earnings from that lesson are yours. Optionally, you can choose to unschedule the lesson or issue the student a full or partial refund. To do so, please report and resolve an issue with your lesson.


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