What do I do if my teacher missed the lesson?

On rare occasions, teachers may have personal or technical issues that prevent them from making your lesson.

To resolve the situation where your teacher missed your lesson, please do the following one or more hours after your lesson was supposed to begin:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Locate the lesson your teacher missed. Your lesson may be on the first page of your Dashboard; if not, search for your lesson by clicking on the "All" dropdown and selecting the "Incomplete" filter.

3) Click on the incomplete lesson.

4) Under "Actions", click "Report Issue".

5) In the pop-up screen, check the check box next to "Teacher was absent". 

6) Optionally, include comments about the situation. These comments will be communicated to your teacher.

7) Click "Report".



1. If you report an issue with your lesson, but do not file a support request, then the Verbling Support team will be unaware of any issue that happened until a support request is filed. Our team is never notified of issue reports until a teacher or student reaches out to our team directly.

2. If you report an issue with your Verbling lesson and your teacher does not resolve it within 2 business days, please reach out to our team so we are able to resolve your issue report for you!

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    Tutor missed my session today... but it is not showing up in my "Past Lessons" (nor "Past Classes"). It WAS showing up in my "Upcoming Classes" until the class-time fully expired... but now it is nowhere to be found. Thanks!

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    Tutor missed my session 6 days ago. I did a report issue at same time and until now I did not receive any answer. How can i reach out to support?
    Did I loose my money?

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    Hi, My tutor showed up and opened the class. I went to the session. But the Google Hangout said she is not in my circle. I sent her messages. But there was no reply until one hour later. She said she was on the class waiting for me for 20 minutes. And she charged me for this class. Anyway I booked another class the next day. And this time she blew me off. And now I can't even send a message to her or check the conversation history. It seems like she blocked me. What am I going to do!?
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    My tutor missed the lesson today, but when I click "report" there was no pop-up of report Issue, but the pop-up showed "find teacher"
    How do I get refund from the missed class. or change the teacher.

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    Hi Mayuree, it looks like Kendra was able to unschedule the lesson with you so you can take it again!

    If you (or anyone else reading) have other questions, please reach out to Verbling Support directly and we would be happy to assist you immediately! To do so, please click on "Submit a Request" at the top of your screen. Thanks!

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    Ionela Badoiu

    Hi i schedule a 30 minutes trial for my son , i did it over facebook and i assumed it was over facebook messenger, now i reed all your informations and see that i need hangs out, i got the app and my son sign in but i don't know how to find that teacher

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    Hi Ionela, I found your account but unfortunately you missed the lesson. Can you reach out to so we can help you log in to your original account and resume learning on Verbling?