What are trial lessons? How do I schedule a trial lesson?

Trial lessons are 30 minute one-on-one lessons that cost $6. 

To book a private lesson, please do the following:

1) Click on Find a Teacher

2) Browse for teachers. A teacher who offers a trial lesson will be designated with "TRIAL Yes."


A teacher who does not offer a trial lesson will be designated with "TRIAL No."

3) Click on a teacher who offers a trial lesson to be taken to his or her profile page.


4) Click the blue "Book Trial" button on the right side of the teacher's profile page.

 5) On the calendar, select a green time slot for your lesson to occur.

 6) On the checkout page, add a form of payment. Or, if you already have a form of payment on file, click 

7) Enjoy your trial lesson!

How many trial lessons can I take?

In general, students may take as many trial lessons as they want. The only restriction we have is that students may only take one trial lesson per teacher. 

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