How do I build long-lasting relationships with my students?

Teacher-Student Relations

Here is some advice on how to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your students.

  • Retain your students Learning a language takes time, and requires persistence. To help your students in their language learning journey, encourage them to book more lessons with you. Ideally, you want your students to take lessons as frequently and regularly as possible. Try to turn your lessons into a habit, and always suggest a next lesson.
  • Encourage bulk purchases Students become more committed and motivated when they buy lessons in bulk (5 or 10 lessons). As a student, it's easier to give up on your language learning if you don't make a proper commitment.

  • Be service-oriented and kind Regardless of someone's background or attitude, it's always important to be friendly and polite to potential and existing students. Given the nature of Verbling's international community, tolerance and openness are very important. As a representative of this community, please keep this in mind.
  • Be professional and respond quickly It's important to consistently ensure that Verbling students have a great experience with you as a tutor. Since your students are also paying customers of a service you provide, remember to maintain some level of professionalism. Most importantly, make sure to respond quickly to incoming requests and messages from your existing students.
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