What happens when a lesson is missed?

You should make every effort to notify a student if, due to unforeseen circumstances, you will miss your lesson. Sometimes students miss lessons, as well.

Here are some scenarios of missed lessons and ways to resolve them:


Scenario 1: The student missed the lesson

The student books a lesson with you and doesn't show up.

  • What happens with my payment? If you started and ended your lesson during the scheduled session time, you will get fully paid for the lesson, even if your student didn't show up.
  • Suggested action: As language learning takes time, it's always worth investing in the long-term relationship with a student. For this reason, you might consider resetting the lesson to unscheduled so that the student can retake this lesson (especially if the student missed the lesson because of, say, a power outage). To unschedule your lesson you must first report the issue (that the student was absent, for example) and resolve the issue (resetting the lesson to unscheduled). For help with reporting and resolving an issue, go here


Scenario 2: The teacher missed the lesson

  • What happens with my payment? Your lesson will be marked as "missed". No payment will be made, and you will be able to re-schedule your lesson.
  • Suggested actionApologize to your student and explain what happened. You should then report the issue (that the teacher was absent, for example) and resolve the issue (resetting the lesson to unscheduled or giving them a full refund). For help with reporting and resolving an issue, go here.
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    Good afternoon,
    Yesterday I notified my teacher my wish to cancel and reschedule a lesson already paid for another day but apparently Verblin ´s system did not allow the teacher to do that. As the lesson has already been paid how the teacher or myself can reschedule the lesson again for another day without having to pay the lesson again?. Could you please advise how to do it and about the steps that the teacher ( o myself) has/have to follow ?
    Many thanks.