How do I add resumé items to my profile?

In order to boost your credibility as a teacher and increase your bookings, add as many relevant resumé items to your teacher profile as you can. There are 3 different types of resumé items:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Certifications

Add your resumé items here: Teacher profile admin page.




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    Hello Team,

    I've made many attempts at completing my profile. However, when I try to update the language(s) portion of my profile, by adding a language, selecting 'Native' and 'career' in the drop-down menu as well as providing a comment, it will still display 89% application completion. Even after 'saved' is shown in green lettering my application completion status remains at 89%. I've tried to refresh the page as well, but the application status shows 89%. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I will wait a couple hours and try again to see if maybe the servers may have accepted the changes. Thanks a million! Dale