What form of payment is accepted to purchase Verbling lessons?

Verbling accepts all major credit and debit cards and PayPal as valid forms of payment for all Verbling purchases at this time. All available forms of payment will show on the confirmation and check-out page at the time of your purchase.


NOTE: Some additional forms of payment are available for specific countries. All valid forms of payment will show as an option in your confirmation page at the time of purchase. 

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    Sal Nguyen

    I'm Hien Luong, and I'm from Viet Nam. In my country, if I want to have a credit card, I must have a lot of money. I'm studying at Banking Academy, so I don't have enough money to get a credit card. Can I pay for Verbling in other ways ? Thanks for reading.

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    Charly E Corona

    Hi!! I need help. The website showed the cost of the class at $ 6 but on my card you charged me $ 123. Why is the cost different? I'm very upset about it