Why do I see a ‘Detected Slow Internet Connection’ Message?

What does it mean?

When you see this message, it does not necessarily mean that your or your student’s individual internet speed is slow - in fact, an internet speed test may show otherwise.

It means that the connection between the two of your devices, from your internet provider in your country to the student’s internet provider in his/her country, is weak.

Why does this happen?

Some internet providers have a policy of throttling back connection speed during high upload and download periods, such as during a video call.

How can I fix it? 

1) Try a different internet connection altogether, perhaps at a cafe, workplace, or a friend’s house.

2) Try a different computer.

3) Make sure your computer isn't getting too hot and/or that your laptop is plugged in and the battery isn't getting too low -  this can degrade call quality.

4) Make sure no other programs are running and disable any virus scanners.

5) Make sure no one else is sharing your internet connections (others in the house/building/street). If others are sharing your internet connection and downloading a lot of video, for example, it could degrade the connection and call quality.

6) Ask your student to try using Verbling’s mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, available in the Google Play and App Stores.

7) Contact your internet provider to ask if ‘throttling’ is their policy for your connection, and see if this could be causing slow connection warnings during your Verbling lessons.

If there are slow connection warnings, but you and your student are not experiencing any issues you can absolutely click the "x" in the connection warning to disable warnings for the rest of your Verbling lesson.

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