Verbling Trust & Support Fee

Verbling believes in providing our students with an amazing experience, which means we’re always finding and building new and improved ways to support your learning. The Trust & Platform fee helps us facilitate a broad range of user support and operational matters.

What is this fee?
A 3% Trust & Support fee is added to your purchase at checkout. You will see a line item noting the fee at the checkout page and on your receipt. 

What does this support?
The Trust & Platform fee helps Verbling provide incredible customer service, encourage trust in and use of the platform, and invest in a range of tools built around learning a language.  

To achieve this, we are investing in the following areas: 

Learning tools
We also invest a lot of time engineering tools like Flashcards, Workspace, & Verbling Video so you can quickly access all your lesson materials on the go, no matter how many teachers you have.

Customer support
When you use Verbling, you can be assured that we’ll be there if, in the rare event, something unexpected happens during the lesson we are there to help. That’s why we have a team available to help. Using the Trust & Support fee, Verbling is investing in the team, tools, training and channels to support you learning a language. If you prefer self-service, we’re also continually investing in features to help you get answers and support quickly—when and where you need them.

Teacher vetting
Our Professional teachers are amazingly qualified, educated and dedicated to helping you learn a language. We ensure each Teacher participates in an orientation session before their first lesson, and we are investing in new and novel ways to vet teachers for qualifications and capabilities.  We strive to provide a trusted marketplace where you can rely on us to help you find the best teacher for your individual needs.

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