Paying with Bitcoin

All Bitcoin purchases made in the Verbling site are Powered by Stripe. 

Below are the Stripe Bitcoin Terms & Conditions. If there are any issues processing your Bitcoin purchases, or if your Bitcoin purchase fails, the Stripe support team will reach out to you directly with further instructions. For any Bitcoin purchase or refund questions, please reach out to the Stripe Support team at 

Bitcoin Terms & Conditions

These Bitcoin Terms & Conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) apply to your use of Bitcoin as your selected payment method. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By using Bitcoin as your method of payment, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions contained in our Website Terms of Use. If there is a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and our Website Terms of Use with respect to Bitcoin transactions, these Terms & Conditions apply. If you do not agree with all of these Terms & Conditions, do not select Bitcoin as your payment method.

Paying with Bitcoin

Powered by Stripe. Our acceptance of Bitcoin is powered by our partner, Stripe. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for the availability of Stripe’s services. To complete your booking, you will be asked to send money from your Bitcoin wallet to an address for the transaction, where you will see the total cost of your booking in Bitcoin, based on an exchange rate set by Stripe. The Bitcoin price for your booking will remain valid for 10 minutes. If you do not initiate a payment during this time, the Bitcoin exchange rate will be updated and the Bitcoin price for your booking may change.

Bitcoin network transaction fees. As with nearly all Bitcoin transactions, a very small transaction fee (a “miner’s fee”) will be added by the Bitcoin network to the total cost in Bitcoin of your booking. This fee covers the cost of verifying Bitcoin transactions. Verbling has no control over this fee and does not receive any portion of the fee.

Bitcoin transactions are final. Once you initiate a Bitcoin transaction, you cannot cancel it (provided however that you may seek a refund per our refund policy described below). This is inherent in the nature of the Bitcoin network, not a policy set by Verbling.

Under payments and over payments. If, using a Coinbase wallet, you attempt to initiate a payment of Bitcoins different from the exact cost of the booking indicated by Coinbase, your booking will not complete. If, using a non-Coinbase wallet, you initiate a payment of Bitcoins different from the exact cost (plus miner’s fees) of the booking indicated by Coinbase your booking will not complete however your payment maybe processed by the Bitcoin network, in which case your payment will be refunded by Coinbase. After a failed payment you will be required to re-submit payment for the correct amount in order to complete the booking and the Bitcoin exchange rate may update.

Transactions complete once confirmed. Once a Bitcoin transaction is submitted to the Bitcoin network, it will be unconfirmed for a period of time (usually about an hour, but sometimes longer) pending full verification of the transaction by the Bitcoin network. A transaction is not complete until it is fully verified.


Whether your booking qualifies for a refund is governed by our Website Terms of Use, regardless of whether you pay with Bitcoin or any other payment method. In order to claim a refund on a booking paid for with Bitcoin, you will have to follow certain procedures in order to claim your refund, as explained below.

Refunds issued for the USD value of your booking. Your refund will be issued by Stripe in Bitcoin for the USD value of your booking, less any applicable fees, including any cancellation fees. Your refund will be converted from USD to Bitcoin based on an exchange rate set by Stripe at the time you initiate the refund through our Website. You acknowledge that if the value of Bitcoin against USD has risen since the time of your purchase, you will receive less Bitcoin than you paid at the time of booking.

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