Verbling Student Code of Conduct

1. Communicate with Verbling teachers and staff in a polite and professional manner

Verbling teachers are professional language experts who are here to help you learn, and Verbling staff is here to assist you. As this is a professional, academic setting, it’s important to treat it as such.  

2. Be respectful of your teacher’s time 

Remember, there’s a real live human being waiting for you on the other end of the Verbling app! If you’re going to be late or are unable to attend, please communicate with your teacher via Verbling messages as soon as possible. You can also cancel or reschedule your lesson if needed.

Verbling Student Bannable Offenses

The following actions are not permitted on Verbling and may lead to account deactivation and removal from the platform. 

  1. Any attempt to send or receive money from Verbling teachers or students off-platform
  2. Any attempt to recruit Verbling teachers or students to work or study off platform
  3. Sending to or requesting private contact information from Verbling teachers or students 
  4. Attending Verbling lessons off of the Verbling platform without explicit written permission from Verbling
  5. The use of abusive, offensive language, threats or bullying towards Verbling teachers, students, or staff
  6. Sexual talk, nudity, and/or attempts to use Verbling as a dating site
  7. Fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment methods
  8. Identity fraud and/or falsely posing as a student
  9. Money laundering or theft
  10. Spam messaging
  11. Repeatedly asking for free lessons and services
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