1. Be a Verbling Ambassador

Maintain a positive attitude about Verbling at all times - this means never making negative or disparaging comments about the platform. Remember, for many students, you are the face of Verbling!

2. Be professional, respond quickly

It's important to consistently ensure that Verbling students have a great experience with you as a teacher, so always remember to maintain a high degree of professionalism. Most importantly, make sure to respond quickly to incoming requests and messages from your current students.            

3. Attend all classes and arrive on time

It’s important to maintain a 100% attendance rate and to avoid unscheduling and requesting to reschedule. Of course, unforeseen circumstances do occur, but as a rule, please keep attendance at 100% and keep unscheduling and rescheduling to a minimum. 

4. Make every effort to help

New students might encounter technical difficulties. Please be patient and utilize the steps in our troubleshooting article to help them solve the issue. 

If all else fails, encourage them to contact Verbling Support at [email protected]

5. Retain your students

Learning a language takes time and requires persistence. To help your students in their language learning journey, encourage your students to take lessons as frequently as possible. Try to turn your lessons into a habit for your students, and always suggest a next lesson.

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