Is it free to be featured?

You might have noticed that some of the teachers are displayed on top of the list and marked as "Featured".  Featuring is absolutely free.

Featured teachers are selected by Verbling automatically based on several criteria. Featuring is meant to boost visibility for best performing profiles as well as to give visibility to new teachers.

What can I do to get featured?

These are some recommendations that will help you get featured: 

  • Ask your students to leave comments
  • Keep your rating above 4.9
  • Do not miss lessons 
  • Do not cancel last-minute 

NOTE: Profiles with no available hours in the next month and a trial lesson disabled cannot be featured. 

How long are teachers featured?

Teachers who are featured automatically will stay featured for 1 month. After that they will be unfeatured to give a chance to other teachers to be featured too. If you were featured for 1 month, you will have to wait for 3 months to be eligible to be featured again. 

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