What is Verbling Vocabulary? 

Verbling Vocabulary is a feature that allows you to store, group, review, and master vocabulary words in your target language. 

What are Decks? 

Decks are groups of vocabulary words. You can choose to create decks by topic, lesson, date, or however you’d like. You’ll also have a default deck where all the words you learn with your teacher will be stored. 

Additionally, your teacher can send you decks, and you can see featured decks, trending decks, or search other public decks on Verbling. You can click the heart to save certain decks to your "Favorites" section to study later.

Please note: All decks are private by default, but you may choose to make them public to share them with other learners.

How do I create a Deck? 

1. Click on  “Vocabulary” on your Dashboard. You’ll be on the “My Decks” page. From here, click “Create Deck” in the top right corner on the screen.

2.Next, enter the title of the deck, the language for the front of the cards, the language for the back of the cards (or you can select “Images Only” instead of writing text on the back), and add a short description about the deck. Click “Create”.

Now you can enter the words and/or images for the front and back of each card.

When you finish entering all the words you’d like to include in this deck, click “Done” on the bottom left side of the screen. Don’t worry, you can always edit your deck and add more words later.

How do I review a Deck? 

To review any deck, simply open it and click the “Start Exercise” button in the top right corner of the screen. Remember decks are chunked into groups of 5 words, so you’ll see the list broken up into “Exercises”.

How do I create new Decks from the My Vocabulary Deck? 

You can create a new deck from your existing My Vocabulary deck by clicking the checkbox to the left of each word and then clicking the “Create Deck” button that appears at the top of the screen.

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