The teacher ranking on the Find a Teacher page is determined using a "magic score". We have over 3000 teachers on the platform, some languages have more than 700 teachers active at the same time, so not all profiles will have the same visibility. Read on to learn about how the algorithm works and what you can do to improve your magic score, and thus your position on the teacher list.

What is the magic score?

The magic score is a number between 0 and 1 which is used to sort teachers on the main page, it is calculated every hour.

What is it made of?

The magic score includes several weighted grades that are related to multiple variables:

  • Date when the teacher joined Verbling: Less than 2-week-old teachers have slightly a better score than former, already experienced teachers in order to give more exposure and opportunity to brand new teachers.
  • Weighted sum of ratings: The quantity and quality of ratings play a role in calculating this variable (Verbling uses Binomial proportion confidence interval algorithm to calculate the average of ratings intelligently)
  • Availability, activity and video description: If a teacher doesn't have availability, isn’t active or doesn’t have a video on his profile, the teacher's magic score is 0 and the teacher will not appear on the "Find a Teacher" page

What can I do to get a better magic score:

In order to get a better score and appear higher on the list a teacher must:

  • Strive to always get good reviews from students, the more 5-star ratings a teacher gets, the better the score
  • Have a lot of availability
  • Have a detailed video description on his/her profile
  • Be active on Verbling often
  • Have teaching status set to "Teaching new and current students"
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