IMPORTANT: If you need to "Reschedule" your lesson, you may do so with at least 12 hours advance notice. If the class is scheduled to start in less than 12 hours, you will not be able to "Reschedule", but you will be able to "Cancel" the class and receive a 50% refund.

How do I reschedule my lesson?

1. If your class is set to start in 12 or more hours, find the class on your Dashboard, click the down arrow, and select "Reschedule" from the drop-down menu.

2. Next, you will see two choices. “Pick a new date and time now” and "Pick a new date and time later."

3. Choose "Pick a new date and time now", write a message about why you are rescheduling, and click the blue button in the bottom right corner of the modal and the teacher's calendar will pop up. You can then select a new time from the teacher’s availability schedule, effectively rescheduling the class.

Or, you can select “Pick a new time and date later”, which will put the class into a "Needs scheduling” state, which you may schedule later at your convenience. This is a good option if you know you aren't able to have the class, but aren't sure of your future availability yet, and just want to put the class "on hold".

Remember: You must write something in the message box explaining to your teacher why you are rescheduling. Then, click the blue button in the bottom right corner, and you're all set!

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