In order for Verbling to connect you with eager students and provide you with the best service possible, it's important that the following policies are followed.

  1. Verbling lessons must be taught on Verbling, using Verbling's own platform.
  2. Please refrain from posting/sharing links to competitive services, including personal websites.

All lessons are taught on Verbling

No off-platform communication All communication (messaging, file sharing, payments, teaching, etc.) between students and teachers must occur through Verbling. This means that sharing of email addresses/Skype IDs/Facebook IDs is not permitted.

No promotion of personal websites / services

Skype: If a student asks you to chat on Skype, kindly steer them back to Verbling Video. Ask them how you can help them become more familiar with Verbling. If they have any technical difficulties, urge them to visit "I can't access my lesson because of technical difficulties. What should I do?" or reach out to Verbling support by submitting a request.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites: You may develop excellent relationships with your students -we certainly hope you will! And you may get requests to connect with students on Linkedin or Facebook. Verbling works hard to protect your rights and privacy, but we cannot protect you off-site. As a result, connecting with students off-site is not permitted.

Off-site payment: Sometimes students may ask to do off-site payment. Verbling works hard to combat fraud. Our current payment policy does an excellent job of preventing payment fraud and ensuring teachers get the payment they deserve. When you take payments off-site, we can no longer prevent you from fraud. Accepting off-site payments also jeopardizes your standing with Verbling. Accepting off-site payment can result in getting banned from Verbling.

E-mail: Sometimes it is tempting to share your email address with your students. Teachers should limit their communication solely through Verbling's internal messaging system. We cannot protect you from spam or harassment if you take conversations off Verbling. As a result, sharing of personal emails for the purposes of communicating off-site is not permitted.

If you are having a troubleshooting issue or have questions about off-site communication, please reach out to support. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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