NOTE: You can only report an issue 15 minutes after the start of your lesson. Please note that issue reports are sent to the teacher to resolve, not to Verbling.

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Find the lesson you'd like to report (you may filter your search according to the status of the lesson). Once you locate it, click on the lesson to go to your session page.

3) On your session page, locate "Actions". Under "Actions", click "Report Issue".

5) In the pop-up screen, select the relevant issue with your lesson, or select “Other” if your issue is not listed.

6) You may also include comments about the situation. These comments will be communicated to your teacher.

7) Click “Report”.

8) This report will be sent to your teacher. Your teacher has the power to resolve this issue by marking the lesson as complete, marking it as unscheduled, or issuing you a 50% or 100% refund.

NOTE: Your teacher should respond to your report within 48 hours. If he or she does not resolve the issue within 48 hours, please contact [email protected].

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