If you are available to teach on short notice and would like to accept last minute bookings, thereby bypassing the 12-hour advance notice policy, you may do so!

NOTE: If you add short-term availability to your schedule, you MUST be available during the timeslots you added.

If you are not available in the short-term, you can elect not to use the short-term availability function and all lessons will be booked with you using Verbling's 12-hour advance notice booking policy.

NOTE: The short-term availability feature adds availability to TODAY'S calendar. Timeslots you add to your short-term availability will be listed for today but no subsequent days into the future. You must manually add short-term availability to your schedule each day in order to bypass the 12-hour advance notice booking policy.

To unlock your short-term availability, please do the following:

1) Hover over your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard, and select "Teacher Admin".

2) On the left side of the Teacher Admin page, click on "Weekly Schedule" under "PERFORMANCE".

3) On this page, tick the button that says "Short-Term".

4) Scroll down to your calendar and select the timeslots for which you are available TODAY. These timeslots will be added to your availability TODAY only and will be shown on your calendar in yellow.

NOTE: Before adding availability, please be 100% certain that you will be able to accommodate any student who books that timeslot with you today.

5) You will start short-term availability lessons exactly as you do your other lessons: by clicking the "Start Lesson" button on the lesson's "Session Page," accessible via your Dashboard.

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