Yes! To download a PDF invoice of your Verbling purchases for reimbursement by your company, school, etc., please do the following:

1) Add your first name, last name, company (if applicable), and location on your Settings Page. This information will be included on your invoice.

2) Go to your Receipts Page.

3) Next to the applicable purchases, click "Download PDF".

4) A PDF will download to your desktop. That PDF will include the following information:

  • Verbling's name and address
  • Any identifying information you provided (your first and last name, company, location)
  • Details of your purchase (trial lesson, private lessons, etc.)
  • The date of your purchase/invoice date
  • The invoice number
  • The purchase price
  • The amount paid
  • The amount of credits used
  • The balance due to Verbling ($0)
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