Occasionally, there will be an issue with your lesson and you might wish to give your student a refund.

NOTE: You cannot issue your student a refund if you have already cashed out your earnings for that lesson. In this instance, you will need to issue your student a coupon for a future lesson with you.

1) To give your student a refund, you must first follow the steps to report and resolve an issue with your student or simply resolve an issue reported by your student.

2) When you reach the "Resolve Issue" page, you may select "Mark lesson as Completed and issue the student a 50% refund" or "Mark lesson as Completed and issue the student a 50% refund."

3) Click "Resolve".

Alternatively, you may also wish to re-do the lesson, in which case you should select "Reset lesson to Unscheduled." Your student will then be able to schedule the lesson and re-do it with you.

NOTE: If you issue your student any refund, the cost of this refund will be taken from your pay for this lesson. If you reset the lesson, your student will be able to reschedule the lesson and take it again. You will not receive payment for your original lesson.

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