If you need to reschedule a class for any reason, please find the class on your Dashboard.

Then, you may select “Request Reschedule” and select “Suggest new time”, which will open up a calendar and allow you to choose a time to suggest to your student.

The student will receive a message with the new time suggestion and must click “Accept” in order to reschedule the class. The class will go into to an “Unscheduled” state until the student clicks “Accept”.

Or, you can select “Let student select new time” which will send the class to an “Unscheduled” state, and the student can schedule a new hour at his or her convenience.

Lastly, as clear communication between students and teachers is key, it is required to write a message or explanation to your student when cancelling, rescheduling, or requesting to reschedule in order to proceed.

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