This step-by-step guide is for teachers. If you are a student who has missed your lesson, see the student version of "What should I do if I missed my lesson?"

If you missed your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, you can easily resolve the situation.

To resolve a lesson you missed, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Find your lesson under "Incomplete" category on your Dashboard and click on it

4) In the lesson interface under "Actions", click "Report Issue".

5) In the pop-up screen, click the checkbox next to "Teacher was absent".

6) Optionally, you may include comments about the situation, which will be sent to the student.

7) Click "Report".

8) In the pop-up screen, you are presented with a few options. Typically, you should resolve the issue in one of two ways:

  • Reset the missed lesson to unscheduled. Your student will then be able to reschedule the lesson. You will not receive payment for any previous time spent on this lesson, but will only receive payment when this newly unscheduled lesson is completed.


  • Mark lesson as completed and issue the student a 100% refund. The cost of this refund will be taken from your pay for this lesson.

9) Optionally, include comments about your resolution.

10) Click "Resolve".

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