Your teacher introduction video is probably the most important part of your profile page. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your personality, mention skills/credentials, and explain to students why you're the right language teacher for them. Rather than making an elaborate video, we recommend keeping things simple and straight to the point.

Good Examples

Recommended format


  • 2-4 minutes.


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Mention your background, experience, skills
  3. Teach something short and simple (like a letter or a vocabulary word)
  4. Invite students to take private 1-1 lessons with you on Verbling


  • Keep it simple, concise and personal.
  • Be creative if you want. However, avoid animations/sound-effects unless you are extremely confident in your video editing skills. If you are not a skilled video editor, adding animations/sounds can actually be damaging as it might make your video look unprofessional.
  • Show your face. Make sure you are visible in the video even if your religion doesn't allow you to show your face.


  • Make sure you have excellent lighting. Avoid dark rooms and shadows.
  • Try to be in a nice, comfortable environment (no dirty laundry in the background). If possible, record in front of a solid-color wall. The fewer distractions you have in the background, the better a student will be able to focus on you.


  • Be happy and smile in your video.


  • At least some portion of your video should be in the language that you are teaching.
  • If you wish to address a particular audience - for instance, if you're teaching Spanish and want to address English speakers who are at the beginner level in Spanish, you could/should speak in English too.
  • If you are bilingual/trilingual+, feel free to record your video in each language that you speak.

Things to avoid

  • Do not mention your email, skype id, or any other websites/blogs. All communication with students, and all teaching, is done through Verbling.
  • Do not enable YouTube ads on your video.
  • Do not make your video "Private" on YouTube.


  • Make sure audio and video are of high quality. If you don't have a good webcam/microphone, buy them (there are very affordable ones online). You'll need them for your teaching sessions, as well.
  • Record your video on your computer and then upload it to YouTube.
  • Here are some suggestions for free recording software on your PC or Mac:


  • Title your YouTube video "Verbling Teacher [NAME] introduction video"

Good luck!

NOTE: Do NOT mark your video as "Private" on YouTube. Please mark it as "Unlisted", which means only those with the direct link (you, Verbling, and anyone you choose to share the link with) can see it.

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