There can be several reasons that would cause audio/video issues on Verbling.

1. Unsupported browser or device

Verbling will work only in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on laptops and PCs or in the Verbling mobile app on mobile devices. Verbling will not work in any other browser, such as Safari or Internet Explorer, or in Google Chrome or Firefox on a mobile device.

2. Connection issues. 

Some internet providers have a policy of throttling back connection speed during high upload and download periods, such as during a video call. An unstable connection can also cause issues.

3. Your device isn't processing the call fast enough

That can happen when you run other big programs in the background when your computer is too hot or its battery is too low

4. Firewall or an antivirus blocks your camera or microphone

That happens if your anti-virus automatically blocks pop-up ads and banners

5. Verbling error

It happens in less than 5% of all connections, but it can happen. It's important to try all the troubleshooting steps below first, this can help you solve the issue right away and conduct the lesson. If nothing helps, please, contact support and we will be happy to look into refunding options for you.

How can I fix it during the lesson?

1. Make sure you are using a supported browser and device (Google Chrome or Firefox on a PC). You can also connect with a Verbling’s mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, available in the Google Play and App Stores:

2. Leave your lesson and join it again. Don't worry, you will not end the lesson this way.

3. Check your network at Do not use mobile data. You need at least 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Make sure no one else is sharing your internet connections (others in the house/building/street).

4. Restart your device, this can help if your browser stalls or you suddenly lose audio.

5. Switch to another browser: if you use Chrome, try Firefox and vice versa.

What should I do to avoid these issues?

1. Make sure your computer isn't getting too hot and/or that your laptop is plugged in and the battery isn't getting too low - this can degrade call quality. Make sure no other programs are running and disable any virus scanners.

2. Contact your internet provider to ask if ‘throttling’ is their policy for your connection, and see if this could be causing slow connection warnings during your Verbling lessons.

3. If your Wi-Fi connection is not very stable, use a cable to connect to the router.

4. If you're new to Verbling and you can't connect your camera or microphone during the Equipment check, please, see this article.

Please contact our Verbling Support team with any questions, or if your issues continue, and we will be happy to troubleshoot this issue with you at [email protected]

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