1. Set up your technology


Download the Google Chrome browser and the Firefox browser if you don't already have them on your computer.

We recommend using Chrome as your main browser during your Verbling classes and switching to Firefox as a backup if you ever experience technical difficulties on Verbling.

Please Note: Safari, IE, Edge, and other browsers will not work with Verbling. Please use Chrome or Firefox only.


Make sure your laptop or desktop computer has a working microphone and camera - either internal or external.

We also highly recommend you use headphones to avoid any echo during your classes.


If you are unable to use a laptop or desktop computer, you may use the Verbling mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Please be sure to install the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store and open it to join your class.

NOTE: If you try to join a class using the web browser of your mobile device instead the the app, it will not work.

Internet Connection

You must have a solid internet connection with a download speed of more than 10Mbps and upload speed of more than 1Mbps to be able to connect to video lessons on Verbling.

Please run an internet speed test to make sure you are able to connect. There are many different websites you may use to check you speed test which you can find in a Google search One we recommend is: http://www.speedtest.net/

2. Purchase Lessons

You may purchase 1, 5, 10 or more lessons with a teacher. For instructions on how to purchase a lesson, please go here.

3. Schedule Lessons

For instructions on how to Schedule your lesson, go here.

4. Join your lesson when it is time

When your lesson is about to begin, please do the following:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Click on your lesson that is about to begin. You will be brought to your lesson's session page.

3) When your teacher starts the lesson, click the blue "Join Lesson" button.

4) You'll be prompted to select your webcam and microphone. If your video and audio are not detected, use the drop-down menus to locate alternative webcams and microphones. Test each one to locate the webcam and microphone which detect your video and audio.

5) Click "Join Lesson".

NOTE: If you experience any difficulty with your lesson (you or your teacher experience technical difficulties, you arrive late, your teacher is absent, etc.), follow the instructions here.

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